Control devices remotely understand energy consumption

Electricity Control Kit


Make your home appliances smarter

The Smart Twins

The Electricity Control Kit is a cost-effective solution which helps you better understand your energy individual devices and control them remotely. The kit consists of Q-Stick, our small and powerful gateway, and Q-Plug, our intelligent connection to your home power supply. Through our online platform HomeManager you can easily visualize and optimize your energy consumption while controlling your NorthQ devices and other compatible devices.


A small but powerful gateway which connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and controls up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

2 x Q-Plug

The plugs that control individual appliances remotely and measure their energy consumption.

Every Device Under Control

Thanks to the Electricity Control Kit you can now track and control remotely all the devices in your home just by using your tablet or phone.

Available For All Platforms
Enjoy care free vacation

Our products give you the possibility to set up your heating and all of your devices on a vacation mode so you do not waste any energy while you are not at home.

Warm your villa

Switch an electrical heating on or off before arriving in your villa or a summer house.

Keep an eye on your kids

Control when your kids play video games even if you are not at home. Create a schedule for the Q-Plug and decide how many hours can your kids play the games.

Reduce standby consumption

According to the Danish utility Dong Energy an average household can save up to 100 EUR annually by switching off the devices from all wall sockets*. The Q-Plug can do this automatically.
*More information at Danfoss.

Wake up to your favorite music

Connect your sound system to your NorthQ system and you can easily program it to wake you up with your favorite music.

Check your home

Did you forget to switch anything off like an iron, a hob or electric heater? Just log on to HomeManager to see.

Technical specifications

  • Q-Plug is compatible with any Schuko type European outlet.

  • Q-Stick supports up to 16 extra Z-Wave devices.

  • Supports wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices.