Understand energy consumption

Electricity Starter Kit


Optimize energy consumption

The Magic Duo

The Electricity Starter Kit provides a cost-effective solution which helps you better understand your energy consumption recorded by your electricity meter. The kit consists of Q-Power, our smart electricity meter reader, and our small and powerful gateway Q-Stick. Through our online platform HomeManager you can easily monitor and optimize your energy consumption while and control your NorthQ devices and other compatible devices.


Attached to the power meter, Q-Power measures electricity consumption and is compatible with mechanical and electronic power meters.


A small but powerful gateway which connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and controls up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

Directly Connected To Your Power Meter


Q-Power suitable for mechanical power readers

Q-Power suitable for electronic power readers

Reduce Your Total Electricity Consumption

Get comprehensive and easy to understand information from HomeManager electricity graphs to improve your consumption behaviour and make savings of between 10 and 25%.

Available For All Platforms
Keep an eye on your family

Follow the electricity consumption in your home and ensure that your kids are back home from school.

Backup your data

In case of the internet connection problems, Q-Power can storeconsumption data for up to 3 months. This information will be uploaded when the internet connection is restored.

Technical specifications

  • Q-Power supports mechanical and electronic meters.

  • Q-Power has 12 months average battery lifetime.

  • Q-Stick supports up to 16 extra Z-Wave devices.

  • Supports wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices.