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EU Energy Efficiency Directive

Ensure that your building fulfills all requirements related to the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU) 
The EED was first established in 2012 to help the EU with reaching its 32,5% energy efficiency target by 2030. The directive especially focuses on stronger rules for metering and billing of thermal energy, enabling better understanding and control of heat bills for e.g. consumers in multi-apartment buildings.
Further, the EU directive stipulates:

From 25.10.2020

From January 2022

From January 2027


Newly installed meters must be remotely readable

All newly installed meters must have a remote reading function
(e.g. energy, hot water and heat allocation meters)

Semi-annual consumption data

All meters should be read at least twice a year. Consumers, upon request, should receive access to their consumption overview.

Upgraded consumption bill

All future bills must contain detailed information about consumption such as: 
energy costs, current energy prices, carbon emissions, information on fuel mix, historical consumption data and comparison with an average consumer 

Monthly consumption data

All consumers with remotely readable meters must, upon request, receive access to their monthly energy consumption overview

All meters must be remotely readable

All meters must have a remote reading function. Meters without remote reading capabilities must be upgraded or replaced

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