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Benefits of NorthQ's platform

Consumption efficiency leads to profit



Collect data from existing meters, 3rd party sensors or IT systems

Visualisation & analysis

Use customisable dashboards for easy data analysis


Receive notifications in case of abnormal consumption

Decrease energy consumption

Determine energy inefficiencies and save money

Your digital building assistant

By choosing NorthQ’s energy management system as your digital building assistant, you will gain access to dashboards and tools that will enhance your energy efficiency. With our proptech benchmark tool, you will get an opportunity not only to compare buildings, but also departments, apartments or other units that suit your exact management needs. Getting an overview of your efficiency levels, costs per square meter, carbon dioxide emissions and other factors of your choice has never been easier.
Energy Management System
Heating consumption overview of each building per m2
Data Logger
Q-Reader installed on optical electricity meter

Digitalisation of your systems

It is time to digitalise your heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Our EMS gives you full control options and accurate tracking of the performance of your utilities. Display your data in one central dashboard and make it effortless for users to track and control all system activities. Highly flexible, easy to navigate and set-up, NorthQ’s EMS is guaranteed to give you profound insights, resulting in an increase in energy efficiency and savings.

How it works

Building systems
How EMS Works
Data collection
Collect data from your existing energy management system and utility meters
Multi-protocol communication
Ensure reliable communication between your hardware and data
Transfer, store and edit all your data securely on NorthQ’s cloud
Visualisation with notifications
Easily display your building data in customisable dashboards
EMS System.png

Increase your operational efficiency

By using NorthQ’s energy management system you can significantly improve your utility consumption. Our EMS proptech solution will alert you in the event of leakage, abnormal consumption or technical issues. This gives you the option to send a technician directly to the source of the problem, without wasting a minute. Eliminating extra working hours on problem detection and onsite inspections will vastly improve your operational efficiency.


Stay on track with your annual budget

Another benefit of our EMS solution is the ability to create your own annual, energy or operational budget plan. Our EMS will ensure that you stay on track, by receiving notifications when you exceed your budget as well as identify which buildings are causing the problem.
EMS System
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