Obtain gas consumption data

Gas Starter Kit


Optimize gas consumption

The Blue Magic Duo

The Gas Starter Kit provides a cost‐effective solution which helps you to better understand your gas consumption detected from your gas meter. The Gas Starter Kit consists of Q-Gas, our gas meter reader, and Q-Stick, our small and powerful gateway. Through our online platform HomeManager you can easily monitor and optimize your energy consumption.

q-gas (1).png

It is attached to the gas meter and measures consumption. It comes with an optical and magnetic sensor head, compatible with almost every existing gas meter.


A small but powerful gateway which connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and controls up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

Directly Connected To Your Gas Meter

Suitable for silver spot and magnetic gas meters

Q-Gas– has a sensor suitable for magnetic gas meters.


Q-Gas– has a sensor suitable for silver spot gas meters.

Reduce your gas consumption and increase savings

The Gas Starter Kit allows you to easily visualize your gas consumtion and start saving.

Available For All Platforms
Keep An Eye On Your Boiler

If your gas consumption rises with 10 – 20 % it may be an indication that your boiler needs to be adjusted/calibrated/maintained!

Avoid Meter Reading

Remote meter reading enables you to make self- reporting to your utility provider even when you are not at home

Detect Gas Leakage

Track your gas consumption on HomeManager. Abnormally high consumption may be an indication for gas leakage in your home.

Technical specifications

  • Q-Gas is compatible with almost every existing gas meters with a magnetic contact or silver spot.

  • Q-Gas has 12 months average battery lifetime.

  • Q-Stick supports up to 16 extra Z-Wave devices.

  • Supports wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices.