Stay on track with your annual budget target

  • Audit and compare your municipal budget goals, with precise building consumption tools
  • Receive alerts before you exceed your target budget
  • Benchmark according to your preferred specifications, such as building type, energy type, departments, DKK/m2 and more
energy management solution
Budget vs actual consumption
Data Logger
Q-Reader installed on optical heat meter

Remotely measure and monitor total building consumption

  • Identify low energy efficiency buildings
  • Discover potential for energy and financial savings by using a single platform to view, track and control utility consumption
  • Collect energy consumption data remotely - without the need for monthly field inspections

Observe and analyse the efficiency of your properties

EMS system
We provide customisable dashboards for each stakeholder, depending on their needs as a caretaker, energy analyst or facility manager. Assigning individual access parameters for each unique user will ensure GDPR compliance. You can choose your building data to be displayed in various ways, depending on who the final user is.
The quality of your data visualised in percentage

Improve your decision-making by using reliable building data

  • Track the quality of your data to avoid it being outdated, wrongly formatted or corrupted
  • Standardise, cleanse and enrich your data and use it across all of your existing platforms and systems
  • Gain access to historical data insights and compare them with your current consumption patterns

Integrate all of your building systems into one central platform

  • Unify all of your existing data from utility readings, EMS, BMS, Danfoss ECL, 3rd party sensors and more
  • Coordinate your building data in one dashboard in a standardised format
  • Gain profound insights of your property through API and 3rd party systems integrations
Existing equipment
3rd party EMS/BMS
Indoor climate
3rd party hardware
Heat pump

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Simple and cost-effective installation

  • Install our solution without damaging your existing building infrastructure
  • Use only one device to monitor and collect consumption data from electricity, water, gas or heating
  • Speedy installation procedure

Control the carbon footprint of your buildings

  • Reach the climate goals of your municipality
  • Measure, track and control CO2 emissions
  • Follow your progress with the European Union's Green Deal goals