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Allow apartment owners to track their individual consumption

  • Visualise the utility consumption independently for each user
  • Give owners an overview of their energy use through our mobile app
  • Identify usage patterns by comparing hourly, daily and weekly consumption with current energy prices
Tenant App
Property Management

Receive real-time notifications from your EMS system

  • Identify exactly which systems are deficient and immediately react to stop overconsumption
  • Receive notifications as soon as a technical issue occurs
  • Reduce maintenance, manpower and operational expenses

Observe and analyse the efficiency of your buildings

EMS Dashboard
We provide customisable dashboards for each stakeholder, depending on their needs as a caretaker, energy analyst or facility manager. Assigning individual access parameters for each unique user will ensure GDPR compliance. You can choose your building data to be displayed in various ways, depending on who the final user is.
Digitilization Heating

Digitalise and control your heating and cooling stations

  • Gain performance overview and full control of your heating station in one dashboard
  • Boost your operational efficiency and save on unnecessary expenses
  • Install the solution on your existing building equipment such as utility meters, heat pumps, Danfoss ECL and more

360°solution for your building and energy optimisation needs

  • Minimise the risk of inefficient building operations and malfunctioning equipment
  • Let us handle all of the installation procedures
  • Count on exceptional customer support
In-house developed hardware
Energy Management Solution
In-house support
Customisable solutions
Professional installer team

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Avoid unnecessary expenses and fees

  • Be informed about all regulations in order to avoid cooling penalties and other unnecessary costs
  • Get notified in case of overconsumption
  • Check the efficiency and performance of your heat pump

Digitalise you billing automation process

  • Invoice occupants for monthly energy consumption
  • Increase cash flow and operational efficiency
  • Fulfill the 2020/2022 regulations for building sustainability and utility reporting
  • Raise transparency and general occupant satisfaction
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