10 Interesting Facts about Energy

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

1. Only 10% of energy in a light bulb is used to create light. 90% of a light bulb’s energy creates heat. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), on the other hand, use about 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs and last up to 12 times as long.

2. Approximately 30% of energy used in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.

3. At any one time in most households an average of 8 appliances are left on stand-by. (Stand-by is an appliance’s “off” setting, but the appliance continues to use about 85% of the energy it uses while on—often so that it can listen for signals from remote controls)

4. Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands—for an entire year.

5. Heating and cooling account for about 56% of the energy used in a typical home.

6. Gas doesn’t naturally have a smell.

7. 83% of the world’s air pollution comes from the production and use of electricity.

8. Wind energy contributes just over 1% of world-wide electricity use. And for Denmark, it accounts for approximately 20% of its total electricity production.

9. An energy-smart clothes washer can save more water in one year than one person drinks in an entire lifetime!

10. Every time you open the refrigerator door, up to 30 percent of the cold air can escape.


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