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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

We are very proud to announce that our Electricity Saving Kit has received the “Golden Award” from Hardware Test! This award is very difficult to get and it is only given to products that are outstanding and obtain top scores in the test. The Golden Award also means that our Electricity Saving Kit is highly recommended by Hardware Test.

According to Hardware Test the Electricity Saving Kit is relevant for everyone who is interested in “Smart Homes” or simply wants to save money. The system does not require a large technical knowledge which makes it easy for everyone to use. Hardware Test considers the price of 1200 DKK as money well spent, especially if you have electrical appliances with a high standby consumption or electrical devices that run unnecessarily in certain periods of time. The tester used our Q-plug on a central heating boosting pump and after testing he estimated that he could save 2160 DKK a year alone by using a single Q-plug. This is equivalent to a saving of 14% on the electricity bill. Can you imagine the savings he could have obtained if he had used Q-plug for more of his electrical appliances?

The design of our devices was assessed to be neutral but robust and the installation of both our devices and our software was evaluated to be quick and easy. In the test Hardware Test provides a very detailed description of how our different devices are installed and furthermore goes through the many features of the HomeManager for those that are not yet familiar with our system. According to Hardware Test the HomeManager provides you with a great overview and it is particularly acknowledged for giving you the opportunity to expand with multiple devices including a wide range of 3rd party Z-wave certified devices.

Of course nobody is perfect and the tester manages to come up with some suggestions on how we can improve our products. He points out that it is unfortunate that Danish language is not an option in our HomeManager even though our manual is in Danish, which is a very good point. The tester also experienced that although our Electricity Saving Kit did in fact lower the energy consumption and reduced the electricity bill as promised, the HomeManager was too optimistic in the prediction of the amount of money that could be saved. Obviously the prediction of the savings needs to be as accurate as possible and we will investigate this issue further as soon as possible.

Here at NorthQ we are honored to accept this award, value the opinion of Hardware Test greatly and really appreciate the feedback. We realize that there are some minor imperfections in our products and we are constantly trying to find new ways of improving our products.

If you are interested in reading the full review please see: http://hwt.dk/Test/24406/Electricity-Saving-Kit

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