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Creating Innovative Technology To Cut Carbon Footprint In A New Way

The term “carbon footprint” has been a widely accepted term in the government, business and the media sector in the recent past. Though derived from the concept ‘ecological footprint’ (Wackernagel & Rees 1998) the term “carbon footprint” has evolved as a separate entity. Technically, a carbon footprint is the measurement of an individual or the organization’s  impact on the environment which is measured in units of carbon dioxide. Theoretically, “the carbon footprint is a measure of the exclusive total amount of CO2 emissions that is directly and indirectly caused by an activity or is accumulated over the life stages of a product” (Wiedmann & Minx 2007). Hence, a constant monitoring of the carbon footprint is essential for an enhanced ecology.

Energy, Environment and Efficiency are synonymous when we talk about cutting carbon footprints. It is the responsibility of the organization to decide how they are going to contribute to the ecology. Focusing on ‘Smart Energy and Energy Efficiency’, CLEAN is an initiative which accelerates “the green and sustainable transition while realising growth for the Danish cleantech sector.”

Endorsing CLEAN’s mission ‘to innovate, commercialize and scale new solutions,’ NorthQ advocates a number of  solutions that can cut carbon footprints. To sustainably reduce carbon footprint, NorthQ develops effective solutions which help you better understand your energy consumption, analyze your consumption behavior and control your appliances and heating, thus reducing your electricity bill. Our ecological and business vision is to help people reduce their energy consumption and simultaneously improve comfort and convenience. Additionally, at NorthQ, we believe that our products and solutions will help individuals change their consumption behaviour, which may thereby have significant cumulative effect on the environment, due to the reduction in carbon emission.

We at NorthQ also believe that IoT has an important role to play in moving us to a more sustainable society. Standing in solidarity with sustainable technology, we have joined the battle to cut carbon footprint through our innovative technological solutions. We design user friendly technology which allows you to remotely control your home, save energy and create a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family. Our products provide an accurate solution for tracking electricity consumption, enabling you to calculate your future consumption. Providing solutions for sustainability to reach the common goal “Innovating Green Solutions” with CLEAN, our aspiration to turn ‘green’ is explicitly by improving energy efficiency.

The carbon footprint is an imperative apparatus, to realize the impact of personal behaviour on the environment and the amount of CO2 their activities produce. Introducing energy saving technologies into our homes, we can reduce our environmental impact. The idea is not only to be ‘smart’ but to be ‘safe’ as well, hoping for a better and balanced environment. It is us human beings, who are predominantly responsible for using or wasting energy at home or in the office. So, ours is an endeavor to provide suitable and intuitive technology for A New Way of Living.


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