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How can technology help fight for global climate stability?

Climate change is a major challenge and is a matter of global concern. The ramifications of global warming have adverse affect on various ecosystems in the Arctic, Antarctic and the coastal ecosystems.     

Energy efficiency is one of the imperative tool to reject climate change by reducing usage of fossil fuels and can address some of the energy sector’s insecurities to climate change by deploying energy-efficient technologies for end users. Technology contributes with abundant opportunities to capitalize on the extensive capacity of energy efficiency to reduce climate-changing pollution, reduce utility bills, drive innovation, and accelerate economic growth.  Technological developments that generate energy and enhance carbon efficiency have correspondingly been the key factor reviewed for addressing climate change.

The attempt is to save money, enhance comfort and reduce carbon pollution. NorthQ considers that fighting against the effects of global warming is a strategic priority, and therefore its activities are based on a portfolio of low-carbon businesses, that reduce or lessen the negative effects of Climate Change, promote energy efficiency and sustainable technology.

We consider it a priority to lead the transition towards low-carbon models which reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, through the development of projects, products and services that facilitate access to renewable energy promoting energy conservation. NorthQ is committed to prevent climate change through collaboration and cooperation with other companies, public institutions, suppliers and other interest groups, raising awareness on these issues. There are still various untried contingencies to utilize energy efficiency to save money, save environment and meet our climate goals.. 

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