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If NorthQ products could talk… Q-Stick

Who, or better what, am I?

I am Q-Stick. If I had to describe myself in technical terms, I would probably say I am a gateway which connects your NorthQ devices to your mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Basically, you just install me and it takes around 10 minutes (and it’s super easy, you can read about it here). When I start working and I connect to your Wi-Fi network, I am what allows you to control all your devices at home remotely. Oh, and I forgot to mention: I work with no cables or wires and I am the smallest gateway you can find in the market. So you’ll barely see me around the house, but I will still work everywhere. Pretty cool, huh?

What do I do?

As I said before, by using me you can control your devices around the house from wherever you are. I give you access to your account on HomeManager, which is the platform NorthQ has developed for monitoring electricity and gas consumption. And from there, thanks to me, you can control your heating and all of your home appliances. Yes, in case you are wondering, you can get access to your HomeManager account no matter if you use iOS, Windows or Android, we do not discriminate!

Just so you know, I usually work with a Wi-Fi connection, but this does not mean that I will stop working if there is none! When you set a schedule for your devices, I will still keep that even if the Internet connection stops working.

In which NorthQ Kits can you find me?

Since I am a gateway, it means that I work with all the other products from NorthQ. That means that I connect with Q-Power, Q-Plug, Danfoss Living Connect, Q-gas and so on…

I can be bought on my own, but you’ll also find me in all the different kits from NorthQ, like the Electricity Saving Kit, Electricity Starter Kit, Electricity Control Kit, Gas Starter Kit and Heating Control Kit. Yes, I can really help you with everything you need, I was made for this!

Why choosing me?

Well, I am extremely reliable. I also don’t take up much space, but I am really powerful.

If you ever wanted to make your house safer, more comfortable and a cosier place to live, I am probably what you need for a first step in this transforming process to start. I can make everything simple and easy: as I said, I am not difficult to install and the HomeManager is something everyone can use, even if you don’t think you are a tech-expert.

Also, you and your house will benefit from saving energy: with me, you can understand how much you are consuming and spending, and I can help you control this and optimize everything that happens at your place.

Everything I do is meant to make life better for you. If you haven’t given me a chance yet, you really should! And if you still want to learn more about me, read here.

Do you have any questions?

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