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Internet of Things

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

What is it and why should you care?

We, here at NorthQ are very proud of the fact that we are able to provide solutions that can be used by everyone – Our products are straightforward to use, easy to install and does not require any technological skills. But for those of you that might have trouble understanding the technology behind our products, we have decided to dedicate this blog to explaining the concept behind our technology: That is Internet of Things (Also shortened IoT). This blog is mainly for those of you who never heard the term Internet of Things before or those who might have heard about it but are unsure what it means.

What is Internet of Things?

First of all let us just clarify that the concept is several decades old. Kevin Ashton was the first person to coin the term “Internet of Things” in 1999. He used the term to describe “the network that connects objects in the physical world to the internet”. Did we lose you already? Let us explain this further.

Originally all information that was available on the internet was provided by humans, we could call it the “Internet of humans”. This was a huge limitation because there is much more relevant information in the world than we humans would ever be able to provide manually on the internet. The solution to this problem was to enable “things” to provide information to the internet as well.

So what do we mean by things? The word “things” cover almost everything, like for instance: Objects, machines, animals, buildings, appliances etc. Today we are in a position where we can make almost everything connect and communicate but in order to do so a thing needs to fulfill the following requirements:

First of all we need to be able to identify the thing, this can be done for instance by giving it a number. Secondly the thing should be given the ability to communicate for instance using Z-waves like our products. And finally we need to provide the thing with sensors so that it is able to register information. Now the thing is able to communicate with other things.

So with this knowledge let us try again, Internet of things is the network that enables physical objects to both collect data and share data.

So why should you care?

The fact that our things are able to communicate to each other can make our lives much more convenient. For instance it is now possible to remotely control different devices in your home – You can now adjust the temperature in all the different rooms of your house without getting up of the couch or even before you come home from work. Or you can check on your smartphone if you remembered to turn off the iron this morning and even switch it off if it turns out you forgot. Another huge advantage is that you can control, track and optimize your energy consumption and save both energy and money.

Hopefully you now understand the concept a little bit better, but in the end it is important to emphasize that this only is the beginning and there is no doubt that the Internet of things will have a huge impact on how we are going to live our lives in the future.

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