NorthQ participates in HEATman project

Updated: May 6, 2019

(Photograph: Brønderslev Forsyning by NorthQ)

The HEATman project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark with a budget of DKK 25 million and a duration of 3 years. The project vision is to use the latest technology and develop a digitisation model that will consolidate Denmark's leading position in design, development and operation of energy-efficient district heating network. The aim of the project is the development of an intelligent and flexible platform as an IT toolbox (HEATman) for the optimisation of production, distribution and consumption measurement.

In Denmark, district heating covers 64 percent of the country's heating needs. More than 400 district heating plants use a 60,000 km of heating pipes to supply private and public heat, i.e. cost-effective, energy-efficient heat. The 2018 Energy Agreement has a higher standard for measuring and distributing energy efficiency. However, those heat generators have their own IT systems for production, distribution, maintenance and measurement. It is therefore a challenge to optimise the district heating supply across all heat generators.

The HEATman project aims to solve this challenge through intelligent IT systems that enable real-time data adaptation to consumption and production. This will optimise the production and distribution of district heating network. For users, this means cost-effective and sustainable district heating.

In cooperation with district heating companies, universities, technology companies, and software providers, this project is led by Niras and consists of 16 partners (including three district heating plants). These are, Brønderslev Forsyning, Trefor Varme, Hillerød Forsyning, Danfoss, Logstor, Kamstrup, EMD International, Enfor, Neogrid, LeanHeat (Finland), NorthQ, Tomorrow, DTU (including DTU Compute) and Aarhus University.

(Photograph: Brønderslev Forsyning by NorthQ)

The HeatMan project was officially launched on 19 March 2019 in Aarhus. The energy consulting company Niras A/S is in charge of the meeting. In the kick-off meeting, the project PI presented all partners, the goals of the project, the roles and tasks for each partner. On 23, 24 and 30 April, the project team visited three district heating companies, including Brønderslev, Trefor and Hillerød Varme. In Forsyning Brønderslev, they presented their district heating system and their interest in the project. In particular, they introduced data collection, data analysis and data visualisation as well as system development and integration. The project team also visited the Brønderslev heating plant. At Trefor and Hillerød, they also highlighted their need for the project, and the collaboration of data. As one of the project partners, NorthQ will develop a cloud-based data collection and management platform in collaboration with the DTU management department, and will be responsible for commercialising the HEATMan digital platform in the later phase of the project.

NorthQ will work closely with the other partners to build a stable cloud-based infrastructure for the project. The project could later be commercialized as a platform service package to improve district heating systems. "HEATman is an inspiring sustainable development project that will fundamentally transform Denmark’s district heating network into a digitisation platform. As it progresses, it will consolidate the global leadership position of Danmark’s DH system," said Christian von Scholten, CEO at NorthQ. “This project is aligned with the Danish new Energy Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our company supports SDGs and we have formed the best team of scientists, experts, and technicians to work on this project. ”

For more information of HEATman project, you can find from Innovationsfonden, Niras and GRIDTECH