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Reduce the heating costs in winter

It is already January, the coldest month of the year. We spend more time at home and try to make it our cozy shelter by increasing the heat. But do we know where the heat is going? Do we know how to keep the heat in the house? There are some simple and affordable tips which you can use in order to keep your home warm and in the same time to reduce the heating cost this winter.

1. Use the ventilator only when you need it. Running a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan for one hour can deplete your home of its warm air. Minimize their use by not using them or turning them off as soon as possible.

2. Increase wall insulation. Probably not the simplest job but certainly the most effective, adding insulation to your walls makes an enormous difference in your home heating bill

3. Stop heating your house when you don’t need it. Using a programmable thermostat (Danfoss Living Connect) to turn the temp lower while you sleep or work can decrease your energy consumption up to 23% without your needing to remember.

4. Use a space heater. In some, not all, cases a space heater may be more efficient to heat a small room than running a central home heating system. Place the portable heater in the room your family uses most during the hours everyone’s home (often a living room in the evening). If you work from home, this zone may be your home office during the day. The smaller the room, the bigger the savings! Ideally, isolate this room as much as possible by closing all doors — this is more challenging in many modern open-plan living spaces.

5. “Reuse” oven heat. When you’ve finished using the oven, leave the door open to warm the kitchen further.

6. Passive solar heating. Utilize the low winter positioning of the sun to warm your home by opening curtains on south and west facing windows during the day, and removing solar shade screens until warmer weather returns.

7. Perform regular maintenance on your home heating system(s). Efficiency is lost with poorly maintained units. Get regular service done and keep exhaust filters clean.

Sources: Earth Easy – Learn Sustainable Baby Steps

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