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The importance of a warm home

The summer is coming to an end, soon the weather will be shifting and temperatures will be falling. This also means that we will soon have to turn on the heating devices in our homes.

But how important is a warm home really for our family?

Most of us do not think about it in our daily lives but our senses influence the way we think even when we are not aware of it. Think for instance of a situation where you hear a child laughing, most of us will get a pleasant feeling inside or if we walk by a bakery, the smell of freshly baked bread can make us feel hungry. In the same way it is scientifically proven that temperature can influence the way we think. If for instance our senses are exposed to warm temperatures such as holding a warm cup of coffee in our hands, the feeling of something warm against our skin will, according to several studies, influence the way we perceive other people and even how we behave towards them in a positive way – We will automatically like the people around us better and furthermore be more generous towards them when we are exposed to warm temperatures. Whereas holding for instance a cold glass of ice water, will make us perceive people around us to be more distant and difficult to talk to. 

Most of us would probably prefer a home where the feelings towards each other are warm and in that sense a warm home might be more important than we previously thought.

Our Heating Control Kit makes it possible for you to track and control the temperature in your home and it can even help you optimize your heating consumption. If you want to learn more about how you can ensure a warm home this winter, please read more at: http://northq.com/heatingcontrolkit/ or contact us, we will be happy to help you get started.


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