The Water Detective


The Q-Leak is a portable leakage sensor which can be placed anywhere the water leakage can occur. To prevent leakage-related damages it sends an alert whenever water is detected. Furthermore, the device updates its status on the online portal HomeManager , where you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. To use Q-Leak you need a NorthQgateway (Q-StickQ-GateQ-Gate Pro), which supports a safe and reliable connection between Q-Leak and your computer or mobile devices.


Q-Leak is also available as a part of the Property Care Kit (click to read more about the offer).


kr 399,00Price
    • Thanks to the small sensor head, it is suitable for narrow places
    • Sends alarm notification
    • Flexible installations thanks to 2m long wire
    • Low battery alert
    • Free access to HomeManager - available via web browser, iOS and Android Apps

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