Benchmark buildings across your property portfolio

  • Pinpoint low energy efficient buildings and discover options for financial savings
  • Strategically measure, monitor and compare the energy efficiency of all your assets
  • Select your preferred measurement units when benchmarking the utility consumption of your properties
proptech and property management
Heating consumption overview of each building per m2
Heat Pump Management

Digitalise your heating and cooling stations

  • Gain performance overview and full remote control of your heating and cooling stations
  • Achieve significant savings on building consumption
  • Install the NorthQ PropTech solution easily on your existing building equipment such as utility meters and Danfoss ECL

Observe and analyse the efficiency of your properties

proptech solution
We provide customisable dashboards for each stakeholder, depending on their needs as a caretaker, energy analyst or facility manager. Assigning individual access parameters for each unique user will ensure GDPR compliance. You can choose your building data to be displayed in various ways, depending on who the final user is.
NorthQ EMS

Receive real-time notifications from your EMS system

  • Identify exactly which systems are inefficient and immediately react to stop overconsumption 
  • Receive notifications as soon as a technical issue occurs
  • Reduce maintenance, manpower and operational expenses

Integrate all of your building systems into one central platform

  • Unify all of your existing data from utility readings, EMS, BMS, Danfoss ECL, 3rd party sensors and more
  • Coordinate all your building data in one dashboard in a standardised format
  • Gain profound insights of your property through API and 3rd party systems integrations
3rd party EMS/BMS
Indoor climate
3rd party hardware
Heat pump

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Increase the satisfaction of your tenants

  • Provide resident-centered proptech tools and services to prolong the time tenants inhabit your property
  • Introduce benchmarking tools to your residents, allowing them to compare their energy consumption
  • Allow the tenants of your properties to track their own utility consumption through a mobile app

Stay up to date with the latest sustainability regulations

  • Fulfill the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) regulations for building sustainability
  • Collect energy consumption data remotely - without the need for monthly field inspections