Sensitive smoke detector



Detect possible fire

The Smoke Detector

Q-Smoke is a sensitive smoke detector that sends an alert and emits loud sounds (85dB) whenever smoke is detected. The device also visualizes its status on the online portal HomeManager, where you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. To use Q-Smoke you need a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate), which provides a safe and encrypted connection between Q-Smoke and your computer or mobile devices.

Protect Your Property

A Q-Smoke device at  home can notify you and prevent the big damages of fire.

Have A Safe Time In The Kitchen

Let your children treat you to a very nice dinner, in a totally safe environment with Q-Smoke.

Catch Quickly Traces Of Smoke

Whether you have forgotten to turn off the oven or have kept the stovetop turned on, or an unexpected  candle burnt, Q-Smoke can detect it immediately.

Protect Your Family Members

When the loud alarm sounds, all family members can be reached and move safely out of the house.

Catch Short Circuit Consequences

If a short circuit takes place for any of your devices or appliances, Q-Smoke can trace whether there is smoke in the room.

Prevent Fire-related Damages

With Q-Smoke, you can check on your phone whether a smoke occurs at your home.

Available For All Platforms

Technical specifications

  • Supports a wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices.

  • Send alarm notifications

  • Alarm sound (85dB) – stops automatically after 30 seconds

  • Encrypted communication

  • Low battery notifications

Product Documentation