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NorthQ Q-Stick


Put your buildings online

Introducing the Q-Stick

The Q-Stick is an in-house developed, small but powerful gateway solution.The gateway connects to an existing Wi-Fi network to provide control over up to 16 sensors, accessible through mobile, tablet or PC. In this way you can ensure that the flow of data in your building run smoothly.

The power of gateway

NorthQ Q-Reader
NorthQ Q-Stick
Energy Optimization Dashboard

Flexible technology



Whether you rely on Wireless Mbus or Z-Wave our gateway is designed to fit your exact connectivity needs

Key features

More than mini. Micro.
The Q-Stick is the smallest gateway available on the market.
Expand your system
The Q-Stick supports up to 16 Z-Wave devices.
No need for cables
The Q-Stick connects wirelessly with your router.

Technical specifications

  • Max. number of rooms: 9.

  • Max. number of schedules: 14.

  • Frequency Band: 2.400GHz-2.484 GHz.

  • 5th generation Z-Wave.

Product Documentation

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