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One-stop PropTech Solution

As a central property technology partner, we improve key areas of the way you manage your assets, in order to boost their energy, operational & ESG performance.


Meter Management & Integration 

As experts in meter data management, we will handle the provision, integration & maintenance of all meters & sensor infrastructure so we can gain access to different data types such as:

  • Electricity, Water, Heat & Gas consumption data

  • Boiler room system performance data

  • PV system performance data

  • HVAC system performance data & more

NorthQ Solutions hardware product utility consumption reader details
NorthQ Solutions hardware product data collection gateway specifications


Data Collection

Our inhouse developed gateway technology is the bridge between your data sources and our cloud platform. The gateway handles the huge amount of collected building performance data from:

  • All main meters & submeters, from both new & existing buildings

  • Old meter infrastructure via cost-efficient retrofitting device

  • Indoor climate sensors, such as temperature, humidity & CO2

Designed to be flexible, our gateway collects data down to every
5 minutes, has a backup feature eliminating risks of data loss and also collects all individual tenant related data in a GDPR compliant way.


Cloud Platform

NorthQ Solutions cloud platform is the powerful machine that processes all the collected data from your building. Inside our cloud, your data undergoes the following transformations:

  • Standardisation centralises all property data into one single format, allowing single dashboard visualisation or easy API exports

  • Ingestion handle the way data is stored, with great attention to cyber security

  • Enrichment combines information from 3rd party systems & partner API integrations, allowing for creating a truly holistic solution for digitalising buildings

  • Cleaning scans for potential data gaps & problems, while also fixing them

NorthQ Solutions software cloud platform data collection
NorthQ Solutions software dashboard for building data visualisation


Visualisation & Services

Now that your property data has been integrated, collected and analysed, it can finally be used for building optimisation. NorthQ Solutions performance dashboards include services aimed for both portfolio level & building level optimisation:

  • Building level services unlocks unique monitoring insights towards the best operations of energy systems in your building 

  • Portfolio level services allows to visualise the energy consumption, operational costs & carbon footprint of all your properties

  • Reporting services will transform your building performance data into sustainability & CO2 reports, ensuring ESG compliance

  • API services allows for the integration of all collected data into your existing systems

Our PropTech Ecosystem

More data equals more value. 

We strategically integrate with innovative solutions to increase value provision
& reduce solution complexity. 

Hococo is a tenant relationship management system that is bound to increase tenant satisfaction levels

By combining their communication, ticket, booking & self-service systems together with NorthQ’s insights on energy consumption, residents will gain a comprehensive digital solution that will improve their way of living.

Wisehome is rapidly transforming consumption accounting.
Their innovative approach to individual account distribution is revolutionising the way tenants receive their utility bills. 

With this integration NorthQ Solutions is able to provide to its customers a hassle-free & cost efficient accounting distribution service.

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