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About NorthQ

NorthQ began its journey in the city of Copenhagen and through years of innovation, partnerships and development has now become a leading-edge hardware, software and service provider of energy management solutions. Using the vast experience in IoT, cloud services, property and energy optimisation, NorthQ delivers sustainable solutions to businesses and organisations that seek to improve energy efficiency and operations across their portfolio of buildings.


Powered by innovation and effectiveness, both the hardware and the software of our cloud-based solutions are developed internally by the ambitious NorthQ team. What makes us unique is the ability to provide a 360°solution that follows the explicit needs of our customers. We deliver rapid development of energy and facility management solutions with passion, precision and also great care for the environment.

NorthQ. Quality from the North.

Our mission is to deliver valuable business insights that optimise the energy, indoor climate and the overall use of buildings. Using a mix of IoT, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence we inspire our customers to understand how their buildings are performing. In this way, our customers use their resources more responsibly, towards their business, communities and the environment.

NorthQ SDG's

 The United Nations is a role-model organisation that has always looked into ways to create better living conditions for humanity. In NorthQ Solutions we know that our products and services have the potential to have a positive economic, social and environmental impact across industries. NorthQ has adopted the UN SDGs 2030 framework in order to put focus on our sustainable efforts and ensure the future commitment towards green goals. Here is how we shape our business activities together with the United Nations goals:

NorthQ uses its innovative technology and data services to provide a next generation of insights that help reduce energy expenses in buildings.

NorthQ’s innovative solutions are disrupting the highly traditional real estate and property sectors. Through digitalisation of the industry, the company contributes to the improvement of existing building infrastructures, driving innovation and improving more aspects of how buildings operate.

If implemented on a large scale, NorthQ’s technology has the potential to transform the energy needs of entire communities and develop those sustainable cities that the future is calling for.

By reducing the amount of energy being consumed and by identifying problems that lead to energy losses, NorthQ advocates for more responsible usage of the resources that are available to us.

It’s a well-known fact that buildings worldwide contribute to 39% of the total CO2 emissions released every year in our atmosphere. By digitally optimising the infrastructure of buildings, NorthQ reduces the carbon footprint of properties and actively takes part in the fight against climate change.

NorthQ has achieved significant results in the field of building optimisation and found new ways to optimise properties, through constant involvement in private and government-funded projects. We believe that working together with organisations who commit to the UN SDGs is important for the development of the whole industry and speeds up the much needed digital transformation.

Our values


For us, sustainability means a serious business commitment towards environmental goals, so we can facilitate a better life for future generations. Our solutions reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions and those benefits will remain a major driver both for future innovations and the current delivery of innovative products and services for buildings.


The Scandinavian culture and belief that technology should be simple and robust, are our main sources of inspiration in the process of developing the hardware and software products we offer. We believe that technology should be easy to install and easy to operate - without the need of any unnecessary attention.


We believe that only when people love what they do they have the ability to accomplish great things. Therefore, team NorthQ consists of highly dedicated and hardworking individuals who are passionate about creating and delivering useful technologies, while sharing the same sustainable vision for the future.


At NorthQ we care for each other, for our customers and partners, while we bond privately as well as professionally. We share the same human values and have deep respect for each other’s beliefs, cultural backgrounds, religion, sexual orientations, gender identities and personal differences. We believe in teamwork, in talent and that each individual team member is uniquely chosen for our mission to change the world of building efficiency.

Continuous improvement

Because good is never good enough, we always strive towards excellence and beyond. By learning from mistakes, new technological innovations and by making small steps in the right direction, we are determined to continuously bring viable solutions for an energy-efficient world.

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