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We are NorthQ Solutions

Meet the team who is digitally transforming the real estate industry one building at a time.

Enable all building stakeholders to take data-driven actions and achieve higher profits through energy savings and operational optimisation.

Maximise building efficiency in the global real estate industry, contributing to a truly sustainable future.

Innovation brought us here.
Quality is what we deliver.
Cooperation made it possible.
Integrity, as we are loyal & responsible

Our Story

We are a one-stop PropTech solution based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We started our journey in the home automation & IoT industry, where we gained invaluable knowledge on how technology interacts with real estate assets.

Driven by our spirit for constant innovation, tech and curiosity we soon understood that our solution approach has the potential to eliminate energy & operational losses across the building management ecosystem.

By knowing that the majority of carbon emissions are directly connected with how humans use buildings, we are ever so motivated to improve this, by maximising building efficiency in the global real estate industry, thus contributing to a truly sustainable future.

NorthQ Solutions history origins

Our Managment

Christian Ulrik von Scholten, NorthQ Solutions CEO

Christian Ulrik von Scholten

Chief Executive Officer

Fearlessly leads the daily operations at NorthQ Solutions. Including strategic & technical lead, Christian is passionate about people, PropTech & energy efficiency.

Katarzyna Marta Koziarz-Mangano, NorthQ Solutions COO

Katarzyna Marta Koziarz-Mangano

Chief Operating Officer

Drives NorthQ Solutions strategic vision and manages the coordination of process implementation across the organisation and its employees.

Our Team

Andrei Cimpoeru
Andrei Cimpoeru

Technical Manager

Khusanjon (Husan) Kodiraliev
Khusanjon (Husan) Kodiraliev

Lead Embedded 
Software Engineer

Eduard Melo Oliver
Eduard Melo Oliver

Energy Analyst

Adrianna Rokosa
Adrianna Rokosa

UI/UX Designer

Dementie (Dima) Bors
Dementie (Dima) Bors

Systems Engineer

Sven Kartchinov
Sven Kartchinov

Sales and Marketing

Charilaos (Harris) Foskolos
Charilaos (Harris) Foskolos

Junior Energy

Data Analyst

Daxious Wendemu

Technical Services


Lelde Pinka
Lelde Pinka

Sales Coordinator

Katrina Ratniece
Katrina Ratniece

Marketing Coordinator

Feeling inspired by us?

We are a highly diverse team with backgrounds from 9 different countries. We constantly focus on delivering quality business results, while leaving enough time for self development and Friday get-togethers.

If you feel inspired by what we do and how we do it, then you should consider joining the Q-team on our road to digitally transforming the real estate industry.

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