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Enable all building stakeholders to take data-driven actions and achieve higher profits through energy savings and operational optimisation.


Maximise building efficiency in the global real estate industry, contributing to a truly sustainable future.

NorthQ Solutions value spidergraph visual with four main company values: cooperation, quality, integrity and innovation

NorthQ Solutions simplifies the way buildings are managed, offering data-driven tools that boost energy efficiency and foster ESG-related value.

Our approach is direct: collect data, save energy, cut costs, and support sustainability.

For us, it is vital to maintain clear transparency and practical innovation. Our aim is to provide clients with the digital tools necessary for optimising their energy and facility management, preparing businesses for the future with a focus on environmental responsibility.


Every great story has its chapters, and ours is no exception. The Q-History captures the essence of our evolution, highlighting pivotal moments that have marked our path in the industry. Join us as we reminisce and pay tribute to our shared legacy.

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NorthQ team nationalities in flags

At NorthQ, our strength lies in our unity and shared values. Rooted in genuine collaboration, we come together with a mutual respect for each individual's expertise and perspective.

It is a place where passion for technology and innovation thrives, propelling us to constantly evolve and shape the future.

Every day, we aim to contribute to projects and initiatives that have a lasting positive impact.

Through mutual support, celebrating successes, and a shared vision, we are not just working for the here and now - we are building a legacy for healthier and green buildings.

Lelde Pinka Testimonial about working at NorthQ Solutions

“The best part about working at NorthQ are my coworkers, the understanding management, the goals we are trying to achieve together and that I am being trusted and valued as a professional in my role.”

Lelde Pinka, Sales Coordinator


Christian Ulrik von Scholten, CEO and Founder at NorthQ Solutions

Christian Ulrik von Scholten

Chief Executive Officer

Fearlessly leads the daily operations at NorthQ Solutions. Including strategic & technical lead, Christian is passionate about people, PropTech & energy efficiency.

Kasia, Katarzyna Marta Koziarz Mangano, Chief Operating Officer at NorthQ Solutions

Katarzyna Marta Koziarz-Mangano

Chief Operating Officer

Drives NorthQ Solutions strategic vision and manages the coordination of process implementation across the organisation and its employees.


Our Team

Dementie Dima Bors, Systems Engineer at NorthQ Solutions
Dementie (Dima) Bors

Systems Engineer

Sven Kartchinov Sales and Marketing Manager at NorthQ Solutions
Sven Kartchinov

Sales and Marketing

Charilaos Harris Foskolos Junior Data Analyst at NorthQ Solutions
Charilaos (Harris) Foskolos

Junior Energy Data Analyst

Lelde Pinka Sales Coordinator at NorthQ Solutions
Lelde Pinka

Sales Coordinator

Khusanjon Husan Kodiraliev, Lead Embedded Software Engineer at NorthQ Solutions
Khusanjon (Husan) Kodiraliev

Lead Embedded 
Software Engineer

Eduard Melo Oliver Energy Analyst at NorthQ Solutions
Eduard Melo Oliver

Energy Analyst

Daniel Zatorski Junior Data Analyst at NorthQ Solutions
Daniel Zatorski

Junior Energy Data Analyst

Katrina Ratniece Marketing Coordinator at NorthQ Solutions
Katrina Ratniece

Marketing Coordinator

Daxious Dax Wendemu, Technical Services Specialist at NorthQ Solutions
Daxious Wendemu

Technical Services


Adrianna Rokosa UX UI Designer at NorthQ Solutions
Adrianna Rokosa

UX/UI Designer

Andrei Cimpoeru Technical Manager at NorthQ Solutions
Andrei Cimpoeru

Technical Manager

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