Who are we and what are we good at?

Founded in Copenhagen, NorthQ is a leading-edge manufacturer and service provider of Energy Management devices. Based on extensive expertise with connected devices, we pioneer in retrofit meter reading solutions for the industrial and domestic sectors.


Powered by innovation and effectiveness, both the hardware and the software of our cloud-based solutions are developed internally. This enables us to provide rapid development of tailor-made industrial metering and energy management solutions for a wide variety of business clients.

NorthQ. Quality from the North.

Our mission is to deliver valuable business insights for energy, indoor climate and predictive maintenance using IoT, Big Data and AI, in order to inspire our customers to improve operational efficiency. In this way, we aim to help our customers use their resources more responsibly, towards their business, communities and the environment.

What are our values?


For us, sustainability means being responsible towards the environment and striving to make it better for the future generations. We believe that our solutions can reduce energy waste and help people to focus their efforts on things that matter in their lives.


The Scandinavian culture and the belief that technology should be simple and robust are our main sources of inspiration in the process of developing the hardware and software of our products. Moreover, we believe that technology should be easy to install, easy to operate, without the need of much attention.


We believe that only when people love what they do they can accomplish great things. Therefore, our team consists only of dedicated and hardworking individuals who are very passionate about creating new technologies while sharing the same vision for the future.


We care for each other, our customers and partners. We bond privately as well as professionally. We share the same human values and have deep respect for each other’s beliefs, cultural backgrounds and personal differences. We believe in teamwork, in talent and that each individual team member is uniquely chosen for our mission.

Continuous improvement

Because good is never good enough, we always strive to achieve excellence. By learning from our mistakes and by making small steps in the right direction, we are determined to bring value to the energy-efficient world.


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