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NorthQ's approach to partnerships is driven by a holistic vision that combines a spectrum of collaborators, including our valued customers, esteemed research partners and trusted distribution manufacturers.

‘’Our collaboration with NorthQ has been a journey towards operational excellence across a number of buildings in our building portfolio. Their initial solution not only optimised our energy usage but also continues to drive savings.”

Tomi Meriläinen-  Head of Operations Serviced Living Norway & Denmark at NREP

This comprehensive network enables us to proactively address the most pressing challenges within the real estate industry, particularly those associated with performance data management, energy optimisation, and the efficient operation of properties.


Specialising in seamless integration with 3rd-party hardware & software systems, NorthQ excels at creating connections with a wide range of data sources. This includes other PropTech solutions, HVAC systems, EMS platforms, utility meters and much more. Our proficiency ensures a cohesive and comprehensive data ecosystem, enabling our clients to harness the full potential of their data.


At NorthQ, our collaborations are centered around creating a dynamic and innovative PropTech ecosystem. By partnering with forward-thinking companies, we strive to improve the real estate landscape through cutting-edge technology and added-value services.

Our collaborative efforts in this area are geared towards revolutionising the living and working environments within properties.

With the power of our data, we enable our collaborators to visualise individual tenant consumption, fostering a deeper understanding of energy usage patterns. This insight is pivotal in empowering energy communities and ensuring compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and other regulatory frameworks.

By providing smart, user-centric solutions, we enhance daily tenant interactions with their spaces, leading to more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable environments.

Tenant Experience

In this segment, our collaborations focus on accuracy and efficiency in managing, allocating and distributing utility costs to tenants.

Leveraging advanced technologies and analytical tools, we work alongside our partners to ensure transparent and fair electricity, water and heat cost distribution.

This fully automated and remote service improves key aspects of property management as well as delivers bills to the tenants on time.

Distribution Accounting

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