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The Recipe for Building Efficiency








Hardware Management

Lease & purchase of utility meters

Integration of Data Sources

Meter integration possibilities & NorthQ hardware

Performance Data Collection

In-house produced devices & API capabilities

Data Quality Management

Installed hardware & indoor climate monitoring

Cloud Services & API Access

Cloud services, data ingestion & access

Visualisation & Analytics

Dashboards monitoring energy & system performance

Added-Value Solutions

Energy reporting, distribution accounting, ESG & more

Kamstrup water meter

Hardware Management

NorthQ has 15 years of expertise in the deployment of IoT hardware. We have mastered the art of identifying the unique needs of different buildings, regardless of their type, size or age.

Hardware & IoT Strategy

This experience allows us to consult effectively, ensuring you receive the right hardware strategy tailored to your specific property needs. With NorthQ, you are guaranteed a robust hardware management approach that results in a long-term data collection solution.

Choosing the right hardware strategy can be a daunting task, but with NorthQ Solutions, you are never alone in the process. Our team walks alongside you, ensuring every hardware management decision aligns with your goals. With NorthQ, you are choosing a proven approach that is all about clarity and precision.

Hardware Leasing

In today's Real Estate climate, marked by inflation and rising interest rates, construction costs have skyrocketed. NorthQ's Hardware Leasing offers a solution. We enable businesses to equip their properties with the latest in metering and data collection technology, positively impacting their CAPEX budget.

Our leasing model ensures you always have access to cutting-edge technology. Not only do you mitigate upfront expenses, but you also position your projects to benefit from continuous technological advancements. With NorthQ, you are making a strategic decision for both sustainability and financial savings.

Hardware Sales

By choosing direct hardware purchases from NorthQ Solutions, you gain full control and flexibility over your metering and data collection devices. No monthly fees, no long-term contracts – just quality equipment that stands the test of time.


Investing directly in our technology means you are not only purchasing hardware - you are investing in reliability. With NorthQ's solutions, long-term data collection is ensured. This approach is ideal for businesses seeking a one-time investment with a clear ROI, ensuring continuous data accuracy and system efficiency for years to come.

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