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Indoor Climate Sensor

Ensure a perfect indoor environment

Indoor Climate CO2 Sensor

Introducing NorthQ's Indoor Climate Sensor

This in-house developed sensor technology allows you to track your environment in order to create the most optimal indoor conditions for your desired needs. Our device is capable of reading CO2, humidity as well as temperature. This makes it an ideal solution for improving the quality of indoor spaces such as offices, industrial and educational facilities and residential houses.

Provide a perfect indoor environment 


Track your indoor environment in one central dashboard

Track all the factors contributing to your building environment online, by using one central dashboard. You can also receive real-time notifications in case bad indoor climate is detected.
Indoor Climate CO2 Sensor
Indoor Climate Sensor
Wireless MBus Q-Gate

Wireless Technology

Our indoor climate sensor is easy to install and operates 100% wireless. It’s powerful battery is guaranteed to last up to 5 years. The device operates on Wireless MBus communication protocol, ensuring a constant and reliable flow of data.
Wireless M-Bus
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