Manual Readings

Digitalise your meter reading process

Digitalise your utility reading process with NorthQ's Manual Readings

Simplify your manual meter reading processes and forget about using paper and spreadsheets to track consumption. Our solution allows for your onsite personnel to scan each utility meter, type its consumption data in an app and upload it into the cloud so it can be reviewed when needed. Eliminate human errors, ensure transparent billing and increase your tenants' satisfaction today!
Scan unique QR code
Manual Reading
Type the consumption value
Manual Reading App
Calculate consumption from last reading
Meter Reading

Track and manage manual meter readings in your central administrative dashboard

Q-Reading Admin
Through the central administration dashboard you have a complete overview on the metering points you manage. You can also easily edit or delete individual reading entries if necessary.

Key Features

Grant or delete access to users
Track when and by whom your meter readings were conducted
Manage and edit your metering data
Get notified about measuring errors

Assign unique QR codes to each metering point in your building

Q-Readings QR
You can now create a unique QR code sticker for each individual utility meter! After you use our app to scan the QR code, our system will automatically recognise the location and the type of metering point. If the reading is done in places with no access to the internet, the app will save the reading and upload it the moment an internet connection is established.