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What is HomeManager?

HomeManager is an online platform developed by NorthQ; if the Q-Stick is the heart of your home automation system, then HomeManager represents the hands and eyes of it because here is where you can track and control all the activities in your household. Specifically, in HomeManager you can see exactly how much you consume or you can set different schedules in order to optimise the electricity and gas consumption. Moreover, based on electricity and gas prices from your providers, the system calculates how much money you can save yearly. Everyone who purchased a NorthQ gateway will have access and can take advantage of all these features for free.

Are NorthQ products compatible with other Z-Wave products?

Yes, NorthQ products are compatible with all Z-Wave certified products.

Can NorthQ devices work outside of the EU?

Yes. Your NorthQ devices can work everywhere in the world. However, due to the different Z-Wave frequency standards in the different countries, you can only combine NorthQ devices with other Z-Wave devices produced for Europe, otherwise communication problems between devices may occur. If you want to purchase NorthQ devices programmed to be used outside the EU, contact our sales team (sales@northq.com) so we can reprogram the devices for top performance.

Where can I find the manual for my NorthQ product?

You can find installation and user manuals under each product page (http://northq.com/products/). Navigate to the product page and look for the manual download icon.

I cannot include my NorthQ devices in my Z-Wave network.

If you have problems including NorthQ devices on a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate or Q-Gate Pro) you can contact our support team – support@northq.com or +45 70 27 18 18. If you are using other brand’s gateway, you should consult the installation manuals of both the NorthQ device and the other brand’s gateway to see what is the device inclusion procedures. If you still cannot include the readers in your Z-Wave network you can contact our support team.

How much CO2 do I generate per kWh?

The amount of CO2 emissions/kWh generated differs from country to country. You can call your power company and ask them for an exact figure. If this is not possible, then you can research the average CO2 emission for your country online. Here are some statistics: United Kingdom 0.52 g/kWh; Germany 0.55 g/kWh; Sweden 0.08 g/kWh; China 0.85 g/kWh.

Can I use the NorthQ API?

Yes. If you are a developer you can request the API documentation and develop your own apps on top of it.

What is a PIN code and how does it work?

Each kit that you order will come with an installation code. The PIN code is the key to the installation of any type of kits and it is meant to provide a smooth installation, avoiding any confusion that might occur during the process. The PIN code can be used only once when you perform the installation for the first time. However, in case you will need to reinstall the devices (i.e. relocation), please contact support@northq.com and we will be happy to help you!


What is a Q-Stick and how does it work?

The Q-Stick gateway is the heart of your home automation system. This small, compact, powerful gateway can connect wirelessly to your router and can support a maximum of 16 devices at once. Designed to be easy to install and to operate on, the Q-Stick is responsible for collecting the data from your Z-Wave devices in the household and transmitting them further to the HomeManager app for you to access and control. Similarly, the Q-Stick is in charge of distributing the commands received through HomeManager to the other devices.

How do I power up my Q-Stick?

To power up a Q-Stick you can use both the provided power adapter or the stand. The blue LED will flash once when you plug it in, indicating that the gateway is powered.

How does Q-Stick connect to the internet?

Q-Stick (NQ-930-EU) connects to the internet through a wireless network. If the blue LED flashes every 5 seconds, your gateway is connected to the internet. If the LED is red, it means that the Q-Stick cannot connect to the router. Make sure that the router has Internet.

Does the Q-Stick support WEP security encryption?

No. If your router has WEP encryption, the Q-Stick will fail to connect to the wireless network.

Can I use more than one gateway?

Yes. You can use more than one NorthQ gateway. Simply install the second gateway as “Add-On” and when you install Z-Wave devices, they will connect to the gateway which responds fastest.

Can I use other manufacturers’ products with a NorthQ gateway?

All the 3rd party Z-wave certified devices are supported by our gateways*.

*Q-Gate DOES NOT support 3rd party security devices.

How do I know if my devices are updated?

When connecting your Q-Stick to the Internet, the device will update automatically. This applies only for the NorthQ products, the current version of the gateway is thus unable to update other Z-wave devices. At the same time, if you’re using a gateway by other manufacturer, your NorthQ Z-Wave devices will be unable to get updated.

Why does my Q-Stick go offline?

This problem can occur due to various reasons like distance to the Wi-Fi router and thick walls, signal interferences or software problems. It can also appear if the Wi-Fi router change its configuration settings, its password, etc. In this case you’ll have to type the password again so the Q-Stick can connect to the router.

Why can’t I see the Q-Stick’s access point (NorthQ Gateway_XXXX)?

If the Q-Stick’s access point does not appear on Windows PC you can try to reset the Wi-Fi network adaptor. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change network setting -> Click on your Wireless Adapter -> Click Disable -> Click on your Wireless Adapter -> Click Enable.

Make sure the Q-Stick blinks blue once when you power it up.

Why Q-Stick cannot connect to my Wi-Fi router?

There can be several reasons for this:

1. Check if your Wi-Fi router uses a channel higher than 9. If this is the case, try to change the channel to 9 or lower.

2. Check if your Wi-Fi router supports n-class – Q-Stick does not support g- and b-class routers.

3. Make sure your router uses 20 MHz channel width.

4. Q-Stick doesn’t work with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. You need to enable a 2.4 GHz network in order to use it.

If the problem still persists you can contact the NorthQ support team at support@northq.com or +45 7027 1827.

Why does my Q-Stick blink differently?

The blinking of the LED light represents different operations which the Q-Stick executes at the moment. The LED patterns for the Q-Stick are: 1. Blink blue once and after that always off -> stick is in access point mode; 2. Blink blue every 3 seconds -> stick is working properly and is connected to the router; 3. Continuous blue -> stick is communicating through Wi-Fi; 4. Blinking green -> stick is communicating through Z-Wave; 5. Continuous red -> network problem (the Q-Stick could not connect to the router, was disconnected from the router or the Q-Stick can not reach the communication server through that router or wrong Wi-Fi password was typed in during installation – check How can I reset my Q-stick?); 6. Blink blue every second -> stick is downloading a new firmware; 7. Toggles between bright blue and dimmed blue -> the stick is decrypting the new firmware; 8. Blink blue very fast (every 250 ms) -> the stick is in bootloader mode and updating itself; 9. Blinking red -> hardware fault (either hardware or software issue – bug or defective component); 10. Continuous red and blue -> stick is trying to connect to Wi-Fi after network problem.

How can I reset my Q-Stick?

1. Unplug the Q-Stick you wish to reset. 2. Press and hold the button. 3. Plug the Q-Stick while still holding the button. 4. When the blue light stops blinking, release the button. 5. Now the Q-Stick is reset and you can perform an installation following the steps in the starting guide.

How do I power up my Q-Gate?

In order to power up your Q-Gate simply connect your power adapter between an electricity socket and the gateway.

How does Q-Gate connect to the internet?

Q-Gate (NQ-901-EU) connects to the internet through Ethernet cable. In order to know if your gateway is connected to the internet, simply check if the green LED with the symbol of the Earth is on.


What is the difference between Q-Power and Q-Gas?

As the name suggests, Q-Power is designed and programmed to measure accumulated electricity consumption in kWh, while Q-Gas is designed and programmed to measure accumulated gas consumption in m³. The two devices have different sensor heads and software.

How can I determine which type of electricity meter I have?

The biggest difference between mechanical and electronic electricity meters is the rotating disk. If your meter has a spinning disk, then it is a mechanical meter. If it has a flashing LED or a digital display, then it is an electronic or pulse meter. If you have a pulse meter contact our support team – support@northq.com.

Why does the Q-Power/Q-Gas device's LED not blink when I insert the batteries?

The LED should blink once when you insert the batteries and close the cover. If the LED does not blink, it might be due to a wrong insertion of the batteries. Please follow the images on the bottom of the device or the pictures from the installation wizard.

How do I calibrate the Q-Power or Q-Gas?

Calibration applies only to Q-Gas with firmware 3.30 or newer, set for silver spot gas meter and Q-Power, set for mechanical meter. To calibrate these devices press five times the button at the bottom of the device. Note: Q-Power’s calibration will fail if there is very low electricity consumption. If your Q-Gas has firmware version 3.29 or older, check if the sensor head is mounted correctly, take out the batteries, wait for 1-2 minutes for the device to discharge and then put the batteries back it. The sensor head must be attached both to the gas meter and the reader while you do this. It will take a couple of minutes until it adjusts. Until then it might not record any consumption.

What can happen if the templates or the sensor head are not placed correctly on the meter?

A wrong positioning of the templates or the sensor head can prevent the reader to count correctly. If this occurs, please remove the sensor head and the templates and try to place them again.

Where can I find the rotation factor on my mechanical electricity meter?

The rotation factor can easily be found on mechanical meters by checking the value measured in omd./kWh. If your electricity meter works with omd./Wh you should convert the values to omd./kWh.

Where can I find the impulse factor on my electronic electricity meter?

The impulse factor can easily be found on electronic meters by checking the value measured in imp/kWh. If your electricity meter works with imp/Wh you should convert the values to imp/kWh.

Where can I see the total consumption of my electricity meter?

The total consumption of your mechanical or electronic meter is displayed on it. Usually it is composed by six to eight digits and measured in kWh.

When I connect the sensor cable I get no impulse readings and can not make the Q-Power to work by adjusting the sensor. Besides this, there is no flashing at all from the LED, except when I press the button. Why doesn’t it work?

To check whether the sensor head is damaged you can use your smart phone camera. Point the camera towards the side which is mounted on the power meter, if everything is fine there should be a purple light. If the purple light is there, try to push the button of the sensor. It will wake up and stay in realtime mode for 15 minutes. When your meter’s LED diode flashes, the Q-Power’s diode located on the front of it should also flash. If it doesn’t, then try to better position the sensor head and to calibrate the reader. Make sure that the jack is fully pressed and that the reader is set for the right type of meter. If it doesn’t work there may be a problem with the sensor.

“Q-Power 000XXXXX did not upload any values in the last 15 minutes!”

There could be several reasons: - The gateway may be offline. Check whether it is connected to the internet. - The batteries may need replacement. - Long distance to the device. Consider moving the gateway and the reader closer to each other. - In order to extend battery life, Q-Power uses low power every 15 minutes to send consumption data to the gateway which, due to various reasons (thick walls, distance to the gateway, signal interferences), sometimes does not reach the gateway. Therefore, if in three successive times the gateway doesn’t receive any data, the Q-Power will use more power to send a stronger signal. In this case it also uploads the data for the times it could not connect to the gateway. - Faulty device.

I cannot include my Q-Power/Q-Gas in my Z-Wave network.

If you have problems including Q-Power/Q-Gas on a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate or Q-Gate Pro) you can contact our support team – support@northq.com or +45 70 27 18 18. If you are using other brand’s gateway, you should consult the installation manuals of both the NorthQ Q-Power/Q-Gas and the other brand’s gateway to see what is the device inclusion procedures. If you still cannot include the readers in your Z-Wave network you can contact our support team.

How do I update my NorthQ devices?

When there is a new updates available your NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate) will update automatically. If you are using Q-Gate or Q-Gate Pro gateways, the rest of your NorthQ devices will also update automatically. However, if you are using Q-Power/Q-Gas readers with a gateway from another producer they cannot be updated.

How do I know that my devices are updated?

If your Z-Wave devices are connected to your home Z-Wave network and your NorthQ gateway (Q-Gate or Q-Gate Pro) is connected to the internet, then they will update automatically. If you have Q-Stick gateway you’ll get a notification, because the current version of Q-Stick can update only itself, it can’t update other devices.If you are using different than NorthQ gateway, your NorthQ Z-Wave devices cannot be updated.

Can I use Q-Power to visualize multiple tariffs?

You can use the Q-Power reader to visualize the consumption for only one tariff. Unfortunately the current model of the Q-Power reader does not handle multiple tariffs. You can get another one for the second tariff and visualize the data from both on our portal (HomeManager.tv), if you are using it.

How can I use Q-Power/Q-Gas with other brand’s gateway?

Some of the manufacturers that have integrated the NorthQ devices have different ways of setting them up. Refer to the manual to see the particular gateway’s inclusion procedure (usually it can be found on the manufacturer’s website).
Regardless of the gateway, both devices (Q-Power and Q-Gas) need the following registers set up (refer to the integration manuals): - register 1: pulse factor. Here you setup the pulse factor of the meter * 10. For example: electronic meter with pulse factor 1000 -> value to be set = 10000 - register 2: sensor type. Here you configure the type of meter. For the Q-Power Reader: 1 – electronic; 2 – mechanical. For the Q-Gas Reader: 1 – magnetic; 2 – silver spot. - register 9: pulse count. Here you setup the total meter value. For example: meter value = 12424.5 and impulse factor 120 -> value to be set = 12424.5 * 120 - register 10: keep alive. Consult the technical manuals for how to set these values. Change ONLY registers indicated by the manual, otherwise the device may not work.

Can I power the Q-Power/Q-Gas externally (with a cable, without batteries)?

Yes. For that purpose we can provide Y cable + AC/DC adapter. Contact us on for more information – sales@northq.com.

The LED light of my Q-Power/Q-Gas stays always on.

Remove the batteries and wait for 2 minutes so the device is fully discharged. After that insert the batteries again. If it still happens, then the device might be defective or damaged.

My power meter is behind a glass/plastic transparent cabinet. Can it be read with a Q-Power?

The maximum distance between a mechanical meter disk and the sensor head is about 2.5 cm. For electronic meters, the sensor head needs to be placed directly on top of the flashing LED. If you have an electronic meter with a flashing LED behind the cabinet, unfortunately it is not possible to read it with our products. Our engineers are working on a solution for reading mechanical meters which are behind these transparent cabinets.

The batteries of my Q-Power/Q-Gas don’t last as long as they should.

The placement of the gateway in relation to the power/gas reader is an important factor for the battery lifetime. For example, if there are 15 meters and 2-3 walls (or the sensor is placed in a cellar with thick concrete walls and the gateway is in another room), then the sensor will stay awake a lot more in trying to reach the gateway and the battery will be depleted faster than normally. In such cases we recommend using AC/DC adapters. If you are using a gateway from another manufacturer, make sure to set “Register 10” to 3 seconds. Using the devices in real time too often will also affect the battery life.

How often the Q-Power/Q-Gas reports data to the gateway?

Both Q-Power and Q-Gas report accumulated consumption every 15 minutes (on default). However, by pressing the button 1 time you can put it in real time for 15 minutes during which it will report every 10 seconds. Keep in mind that in real time mode the device consumes more power and will drain the batteries faster.

Q-Power's and Q-Gases button functions

1 press – Wake-up – put the sensor in real time for 15 minutes; Sends only a report notifying the gateway that it’s in real time mode. It does not send meter data. The gateway has to ask for it. 2 presses – Sleep. 3 presses – Include mode (requires a learn mode command). 5 presses – Start calibration. Only applies for mechanical meters. 7 presses – Clears the historical data and loads the sensor default values. For Q-Power version 3.24 and Q-Gas 3.30 or older pressing the button 7 times will reset the device, so you’ll have to pair it again. The Q-Power/Q-Gas Reader’s LED will flash according to the number of presses, if you used the above combinations. Note: If it does not flash, the LED might be damaged, but the device might still work.

Why do I need to know which gas meter type I have?

It is very important to know what type of gas meter you have so you can mount the correct reading head on it. Magnetic gas meters are read by a special sensor head that can detect magnetic digits, while the silver spot meters are making the reading by using the reflection of the silver spot.

How do I mount correctly Q-Gas reader on a gas meter with magnetic contact?

In order for the sensor to work, the sensor head needs to be mounted into the special socket on the meter as close as it can be to the last digit. Place the sensor head inside this channel so that the LED in the sensor head will flash every time the magnetic digit performs a complete rotation. If the LED does not flash try to reposition the sensor head so that it does flash every time the magnetic digit completes a full rotation. On most meters the magnetic digit is the last digit on the meter. The green LED on the sensor head will blink every time the magnetic spot passes nearby no matter if the Q-Gas reader is in real time or in sleep mode. The LED on the reader itself will blink only when it is in real time mode. Make sure that the sensor head stays in place. You should have some adhesive tape on it so you can stick it. Before you do that you could move it around a bit and see if you get a flash (make sure you have some consumption when you do that). If the led is always green (bright enough), check the cable connection to the gas reader; maybe it’s not inserted all the way. Try to remove it and plug it back again.

Where do I place the template in a gas meter with silver spot?

In gas meters with silver spot the template is correctly placed on the meter when the square on the template is aligned with the digit that has the silver spot (usually the last digit – 0, 6 or 9).

My Q-Plug has disappeared from the control page.

You can press the button once, or 3 times really fast (within 1.5 seconds interval) and refresh the page.

My Q-Gas reader counts pulses while there is no consumption

If the Q-Gas reader with magnetic sensor head counts pulses while there is no consumption, this might indicate a problem with the connection between the sensor head and the gas reader. If you have such problem, you should set it up again, check the placement, jack connection (make sure that the arrows point at each other), screws on the back of the reader and make sure that the magnetic sensor head stays in place. If the problems persist, contact our support team (support@northq.com). Make sure the arrows point at each other.

How do I mount correctly a Q-Gas reader on a gas meter with silver spot?

In order for the sensor to work, it is necessary for it to be aligned with the glass. Some gas meters with silver spot have a curved or raised protective glass. If you have such gas meter you can use some of the extra double sided tape enclosed with the sensor and put that on the “wings” of the sensor head over the existing one to provide additional grip. You can also bend the wings to better position the sensor head on the gas meter. Extra double sided tape Bended sensor wings Make sure that you set the correct meter type in the gas reader: 1 for magnetic, 2 for silver spot. If it still doesn’t count, you can try to mount the sensor head vertically.

Danfoss Living Connect Thermostat does not fit my radiators’ valves.

The Danfoss Living Connect Thermostats come with RA and K adapters, suitable for a wide range of valves. For more information please check: Danfoss Denmark

I can’t assign my Danfoss thermostat to any room?

If you encounter this problem, please contact our support team – support@northq.com or +45 70 27 18 18.

“Thermostat unknown not assigned to any room.”

If you encounter this problem, please contact our support team – support@northq.com or +45 70 27 18 18.

Why Danfoss Living Connect doesn’t follow the schedule?

Check if the time zone in your HomeManager account is set correctly; Check if you have set the schedule correctly; If your problem persists, please contact our support team at support@northq.com.

How can I reset the thermostat?

1. Take the thermostat you wish to reset and insert only one battery. 2. Hold the middle button of the thermostat and insert the second battery (do not release the middle button!) 3. Once you hear/ feel the motor inside the thermostat spinning, you can release the button. 4. After it makes a complete cycle the thermostat will display 5. Now the thermostat is reset and you can perform a standalone installation following the steps in the starting guide”.

Why does it take so much time for the Danfoss Living Connect to start heating (the display shows high temperature, but the thermostat doesn’t open the valve and the radiator is cold)?

Danfoss Living Connect thermostats function according to complex algorithms and take into consideration different criteria like temperature, room and radiator size in order to optimize comfort and energy consumption. Keep in mind that, when initially installed, it takes approximately 5 days for the thermostat to calibrate and then it adjusts all the time in order to optimize its work. Therefore it may open the valve in different time depending on how much time it takes to heat the room. After the calibration period, if your thermostat still has a delay, you can change its settings as follows:

What is the right way to write the conversion factor?

There are various electricity, gas, water and heating/cooling meters on the market and very often the number of pulses per 1 m3, 1 kWh or 1 MWh differs from each other. Therefore, to obtain correct readings from your meter you need to know the correct pulse (conversion) factor. It must be scaled according the the expected unit of measurement for each meter type. For electricity meters the unit is KWh, for gas and water meters the unit is m3, and for the rest the unit is MWh. In the table under following LINK you can find explanation and examples how to determine the correct factor for your meter.

How can I receive an encryption key in order to connect my electricity meter and the app?

You can receive the encryption key in a few short steps: 1. Find your meter number (it can be found on your meter next to the barcode). 2. Provide your meter number to Radius by choosing one of the following contact options: - Call Radius at +45 70 26 40 60 (You can check the opening hours at https://radiuselnet.dk/Kontakt-os); - Email Radius directly at kundesupport@radiuselnet.dk; - Fill out the form on our website here. 3. After submitting the request, he encryption key will be sent to the email address associated with the meter's account in Radius' system.


Create your own customized kit!

When it comes to tech products we know that people value simplicity and ease-of-use. With this in mind, we come with a solution that offers you the possibility to create your customized kit with just a few clicks. Regardless of what types of devices or how many you purchase, the system will bundle all the products and will generate a single PIN code for the entire order. This PIN code will be later used to install all the products that you purchased.

I lost my PIN code, what should I do now?

There is no problem if you have lost your PIN code. Just write us – support@northq.com. Make sure to include the serial numbers of all devices in the KIT so we can recover your PIN code.

Where can I find my PIN code?

The PIN code consists of 8 symbols and can be found in the box of the Kit.

How do I install the devices included in my NorthQ Kit?

Follow the instructions from the installation manual included in the Kit. Make sure to install all products included in the Kit before installing other devices! If you have any problems you can contact our support team (support@northq.com).

Can I add more devices to the Kit?

Yes. You can install extra devices – log on to your Home Manager account, go to Install -> Add-On and select the device you want to install. Make sure to install all products included in the Kit before installing other devices!


What is Homemanager.tv?

NorthQ has developed a home control platform where users can observe their consumption status and manage their budget. By creating a free account on the portal you can also set and receive alarms, control devices and take advantage of all the features and services that NorthQ products can offer.

Do I have to register as an user to use the platform?

In order to visualize your consumption, manage your budget or to control a device, registration is required. To create a new account or to check your user status without any costs, go to http://Homemanager.tv.

Who can use the Home Manager platform?

Everybody who has purchased a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate, Q-Gate Pro) gets a free user account for the platform.

+ 45 70 27 18 18

Please note that our Customer Support hours of operation are 12:30 - 14:30 (GMT+1), Monday to Friday.

Are you facing technical difficulties?

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