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For Healthier
& Green Buildings

They trust us:

Building Efficiency Made Simple

We Integrate

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We provide up-to-date hardware infrastructure and establish a remote and reliable long-term data collection in your new and existing buildings.

We Collect

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We bring all performance data

under one roof - from meters, sensors and HVAC systems to solar systems, indoor climate and much more.

We Analyse

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We process information in a centralised and secure platform, unlocking remote access to analytics and monitoring of both portfolio and building levels.

We Optimise

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We oversee your building data continuously, provide insights

and consult on the next best optimisation steps so you can save up to 30% in energy and OPEX.

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‘’Our collaboration has been a journey towards operational excellence across a number of buildings in our portfolio.”

Tomi Meriläine, Head of Operations Serviced Living at NREP

Suite of proptech solutions.png

Suite of PropTech Solutions

  • Wide range of utility metering hardware

  • In-depth performance data collection

  • System and 3rd party integrations

  • Advanced analytics & energy consultancy

Technological Flexibility

  • Versatile HVAC system integrations

  • Ecosystem of collaborators

  • API provision & data exports

  • Customisation services

Technological flexibility.png
Problem Solvers.png

Problem Solvers

  • Adaptable metering strategies

  • Reduction of energy waste

  • FM operational optimisation

  • ESG & legislative compliance

Our Solutions

NorthQ Solutions is a digitalisation partner for building developers and owners who look to substantially improve the performance of their diverse portfolios.

Our performance data expertise lets us adapt to any real estate asset needs, reducing the C02 footprint, enabling operational optimisation and energy efficiency.

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