We make buildings data-driven,
by empowering innovative and integrated IoT solutions and partnerships
that meet next-generation energy efficiency needs

Discover the power of NorthQ's solution

220 M

Overall collected data points

Data collected from different types of meters and sensors

325 K

New data points everyday

Used to provide real-time visualisations

20 100+

Collected data sets

Guarantee for reliable and undisrupted data


Collected types of data

Standardise all data into one common format

Key benefits

Digitalise your heating station
Control your building from one central dashboard
Measure energy consumption remotely
Integrate easily with 3rd party systems
Benchmark properties across your portfolio to identify inefficiencies
Increase your operational efficiency while driving savings

Collect data on one single platform

Find an overview of all your energy and building data in one customisable dashboard and access it from multiple devices whenever you need it

Your next generation energy experts and technological partner

At NorthQ we have gathered top engineers, developers and energy experts from around the globe, to provide you with superior digitalisation of your properties. With the help of our customizable proptech solutions you will be able to optimize your energy consumption, improve operations, reduce costs and elevate your sustainability profile.

Full solution for your building and energy optimisation needs

With years of experience in property and energy optimisation, NorthQ is the ideal partner who covers all of your needs with an in-house developed end-to-end solution. From hardware and platform to installation and support, we are well prepared to provide you with a complete 360° solution that will positively impact both your ROI and sustainability goals.
In-house developed hardware
Customisable solutions
In-house support
Professional installer team

Working towards a clean and sustainable future

Embedded in NorthQ’s culture is the drive to contribute to the global effort of building a sustainable future. Being validated by the United Nations as an innovative and sustainable PropTech company was both an honour and serious motivator to keep us doing what we do best - offering solutions for energy and building optimisation. During the next 10 years, NorthQ will continue to advocate the United Nations SDGs framework, ensuring that our customers' business and sustainability efforts flourish side by side.

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